Only because of animal cruelty??

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Only because of animal cruelty??

Postby maebeary » May 23, 2015 12:41 pm

So a few days ago I was suffering around netflix and saw the documentary veducated and it really kind of woke me up on what we are doing to animals and how cruel it is. Then I am having a hard time with is I think fish is healthy for you with the omega 3 fatty acids in it and I do like the taste of them. I am torn on if I should feel horrible for that or not. I would never be able to hurt an animal myself and you know to be able to kill it and eat it but yet I was ok with just eating it that documentary changed my mind completely. I am such a hypocrite for thinking and saying this but I guess if it wasn't for us abusing the animals and treating them like they are just apart of a factory and if they have no use to us we kill them and if they do have use we fatten them up quick and make them live a very sad unhealthy life. I also don't think "free-range" is not exactly what they say it is. I still think they are probably about just as cruel to the poor animals. So I guess what i'm saying is if they're was a way where animals where able to live a happy, healthy fun normal life and they were getting up in age then after we were to put them down and possibly eat them it wouldn't be so bad but what we do is just torture. Even when I say that I feel mean, I guess I'd just like someones thoughts(please don't be really mean about it) i'm just really confused.

(sorry for ranting on. I just have alot going though my mind about this I just don't exactly know what is right to be doing) :dontknow:

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