Whole Earth Bakery (in NYC) ~ Save it and Savor It‏

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Whole Earth Bakery (in NYC) ~ Save it and Savor It‏

Postby lionandlamb » Feb 21, 2012 8:43 pm

The iconic Whole Earth Bakery in the East Village of NYC is in jeopardy of eviction. It has been there since 1978 and needs help, in terms of increased patronage from customers, and also in terms of staffing. Please read the link below. I am posting here in the hopes that you have some members from NYC who either know and care about the store, or are looking for employment and have skills they are looking for. Thanks much for letting me post.

Please let me know when it's ok to post the explanatory link.

I am a vegan and activist over 4 years now. I came to vegan consciousness after seeing documentaries such as Meat Your Meat, and, especially Earthlings.

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