Acne Treatment

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Acne Treatment

Postby jennyatkinson1 » Jan 9, 2014 7:11 am

Acne can be of various types. You can place soft forms such as blackheads and whiteheads and can be severe in the form of pustules or cysts.

E.g. papules are inflamed lesions that are small spots increased, pink on the skin that are painful.

The lesions are pustules or pus-filled pimples where as white or yellow nodules are large, painful, solid bumps that lie within the skin.

Cysts on the other hand are the deep pus-filled, painful injuries that can leave a deep hole as scar after healing.

Treatment depends on the type of acne but preventative measures are similar for all types of acne.

For those with some blackheads, whiteheads and spots:

Over - the-counter creams, ointments or gels containing benzoyl peroxide may be sufficient. The Benzoyl peroxide helps prevent the formation of plugs that block the hair follicles and kill bacteria on the skin that can make the affected follicles become infected. Apply as a cream or gel once or twice daily. It can lead to dry, to itch and stinging sensation with redness.

Furthermore the affected areas of the skin should not be washed more than twice daily. The Very frequent washing can irritate the skin and worsen symptoms. The areas should be washed with mild soap or cleanser and warm water.

Blackheads and whiteheads should not be squeezed or pressed. This can lead to worsening and marked with a permanent scar.

Too much makeup and cosmetics should be avoided. The Water-based products are usually the best choice. Besides, makeup must be completely removed at the time of the base.

For those with dry skin a water-based emollient can be used.

Hair should be washed regularly and falling hair on the surface should be avoided. Skin Problem Solutions


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