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Vegetarian Forum - Nuts and Seeds

Posting Guidelines on Vegan Forum

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This forum was created to educate people about different nuts that exist around the globe. Thus showing that vegans have a huge diversity of healthy foods available. Everyone is welcome to contribute.
Each topic will be dedicated to a specific nut, and first post will contain information about this nut in the following format.
The word nut should be replaced by the name of the specific nut.
General info about nut
History, Growing Location, Cultural aspects and other interesting facts.
How to choose a ripe and fresh nut
What color, smell, hardness the nut should have to be fresh and ripe.
Images are welcome here if possible, we will add our images if available.

Ways to prepare and serve the nut
What is the edible part, how to cut or clean the nut.
Health Benefits and Warnings of eating nut
All health benefits and potential allergy warnings related to the nut.
List of all varieties of the nut, with an image and brief gustatory qualities and description.
Recipes made mainly with this nut
Recipes in which the nut is the main ingredient.
So if you have experience eating a specific nut you are welcome to contribute. We politely ask to abstain from making duplicate topics of already existing nut description, if you want to add something you are welcome to reply to an existing topic.
To maintain this forum organized we will have to delete the duplicates.
Members are also welcome to ask questions and tell stories within existing nut topics.

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Here is the code which you can copy/paste when starting a new topic, to maintain the same style.
[code:1][b]General info about nut[/b]
[b]How to choose a ripe and fresh nut[/b]
[b]Ways to prepare and serve the nut[/b]
[b]Health Benefits and Warnings of eating nut[/b]
[b]Recipes made mainly with this nut[/b][/code:1]

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