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PureMatters Baby Blankets arbonne baby care (abc) This newly formulated line of five pure, safe and beneficial products is designed for babies, children, and even adults... anyone with extremely sensitive skin. From hair and body wash to diaper rash cream and sunscreen, Arbonne has every inch of sensitive skin covered... in botanically-based, pediatrician-tested formulas that support and protect sensitive skin. The ABC products provide intense moisture plus protection, and assist the skin's ability to retain moisture. Vegan Certification LogoCertified Vegan Skin Care - Arbonne Baby Care products are officially Certified Vegan. This logo on our ABC products lets you know, similar in nature to the "kosher" certification, that these formulas do not contain animal products or by-products and have not been tested on animals. * Tear-free hair and body wash * Formulated without nut oils * Hypoallergenic * Not tested on animals * Sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection * Botanically-based * Pediatrician-tested * Dermatologist-tested * pH correct * Non sensitizing, non-irritating

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